Bluebunnet Tours

The Sacred Feminine

Duration: 7 hours
Min Attendees: 4
Max Attendees: 16

The role of the feminine - the spirituality and the viewpoint of women - in our history and culture has been ignored suppressed or diminished. Identifying this and beginning to redress this unnatural imbalance has inspired this tour.

Mary, Queen of Scots

Duration: 7 hours
Min Attendees: 4
Max Attendees: 16

Savour the end of an era for Scotland and her tragic Queen. We’ll ask “was Mary the ‘Last Goddess’? How was the ‘Sacred Feminine’ principle observed and understood in old Scotland?”

Customised Tours

I am always delighted to present as well as research any topic that you may be interested in and place it in its wider context.

You may wish to consider such ideas as:

  • Rosslyn
  • Mary Queen of Scots
  • Robert Burns
  • Literary Scotland
  • Warriors
  • Witches
  • King Arthur
  • Merlin
  • Gaelic
  • Celtic
  • Mystic
  • Jacobite
  • Braveheart (William Wallace)
  • Robert the Bruce
  • Rob Roy
  • Old beliefs
  • Culture
  • Sacred Landscape
  • Ancient Peoples and their monuments
  • The Pagans
  • The Picts
  • Scottish Music
  • Whisky
  • Food
  • ..and even Golf of course!
Let me know what you need and if I can I'll sort it for you. If it happens that I'm not the best one to do this and can't meet your need with either existing knowledge or new research I'll put you in touch with those whom I know can!