The Mary Queen of Scots Tour

Our New Groundbreaking Tour

You are most welcome on our History and Mystery Day Tour from Edinburgh. We will savour the end of an era for Scotland and her tragic Queen. We’ll ask “was Mary the ‘Last Goddess’? How was the ‘Sacred Feminine’ principle observed and understood in old Scotland?” We enter this lost world through three sensational and utterly mysterious sites!

Gilmerton Cove

Mary is not known to have visited the Cove - yet it is an enchanting introduction to the mysteries and beliefs through which her life and her legend were understood. With her abdication in 1567 the Catholic toleration of ancient ways finally evaporated from Scotland. Come with us deep underground to the hidden depths that concealed the mysteries and cults of old Scotland through dark days of fanaticism and witch burning. We’ll also consider whether this unique site might be linked by tunnel to Craigmillar and by mysterious cult practices to Rosslyn! Is this the original cove of the witches’ coven?

Rosslyn Chapel

The Chapel is one of the most mysterious monuments in the world and inextricably linked forever with the Sacred or Divine Feminine principle - the sensational subject of Dan Brown’s ‘DaVinci Code in which the Chapel took centre stage! Find out with us why this was a favourite worship site for Mary herself. And ponder on the nature of the famous but undivulged secret that the Sinclairs of Rosslyn Chapel entrusted to Mary’s mother. Mary’s mother was a lady of the house of Guise Lorraine -descendents of the first Knights Templar. Could she have brought the fabled Holy Blood into the British Royal family through her royal daughter? And learn about the Chapel’s dedication to the sacrifice of the Green Man.

This stunning monument is the focus of the greatest mystery of Mary’s mortal life, for it was here, at Scotland’s best medieval castle, that the murder of Mary’s middle husband – Henry Lord Darnley- was planned. This beautiful castle was a favourite site with both her and her mother before her. Mary was actually here at Craigmillar when Darnley’s murder was planned. But did she know? Was she aware of the plan? This is the mystery that has always haunted Mary’s reputation- from life into death! Did the people of Scotland understand this as the ancient Sacred Feminine sacrifice of the King as Green Man?

Our day of discovery and discussion is informal yet informed. Iain – your ‘bluebunnet’ host will guide you through the day and brief you for each of the three visits. And you can be sure of plenty of discussion throughout as Iain is always keen to hear your views and any fresh insights you may like to share on this fascinating topic. And there will be a chance to have lunch in the old village of Rosslyn. The order of the site visits may change.

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