Terms and Conditions

  • The tour requires 4 bookings to go. Please check this on our website from 19:00 (7 p.m.) the night before departure. We will attempt to contact by all means provided those who have booked but ultimately the onus is with the customer to check via bluebunnet.com
  • Any tour not achieving 4 pax by 19:00 (7 p.m.) the previous night will be cancelled. Places are otherwise available up to the point of departure either by payment online or by cash only in person. However please note places are strictly limited.
  • We do not operate a refund policy for your cancellation. We do offer a full refund in the event of bluebunnet cancelling. Your understanding and co-operation in this matter is appreciated and is a condition of purchase.
  • The bluebunnet price does not include entry to Craigmillar Castle nor Rosslyn Chapel. It does include entry to our exclusive private visit to the Cove. Additional visiting costs can be found on the General Info page.
  • Though we plan to visit all monuments included in each tour, the tours may vary due to local circumstances.
  • Liability Please Note it is a condition of purchase that no liability is taken by bluebunnet. We do however issue the following information:
    • Steps are involved, to a greater and lesser extent in all three monuments. Successful site visits are all within the capability of the overwhelming majority of visitors and should present no particular problem.
    • However the negotiating of historic sites is always at the customers own risk. Every effort has been made to ensure that this can easily be done safely but the final duty of care is with the individual concerned. The sites are perfectly safe but only with care.
    • Be aware that Craigmillar and the Cove both involve steps and confined spaces which are perfectly safe to those who can manage stairs with care. Craigmillar has a 60 foot Castle Tower from the top of which we discuss the view. The Cove involves climbing down a fixed permanent ladder into underground passages. Again this is safe with for those who exercise care and judgement. Hard hats are provided. Those with claustrophobia will need to self assess. No liability is taken.