Iain Grimston

Iain Grimston is Scottish born and bred and has made his country's history and culture a lifelong study. He has written history series for the Edinburgh Evening News and contributes feature articles to both magazines and newspapers. He was, for over five years, a regular freelance features reporter for BBC Radio Scotland. Iain was manager of Craigmillar Castle for Historic Scotland for several years and then manager of visitor services at Rosslyn Chapel for the Rosslyn Chapel Trust during the Da Vinci code period.

In the last few years Iain has been guiding in a freelance capacity accross the industry taking tours all over Scotland and for every market.

All of this has given Iain the experience and knowledge to really know what's out there and to select and suggest those elements that you might enjoy most.

Email testimonials

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YourName: Kathryn Copeland
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Message: I took 2 tours, one with Bill and the other with Iain and
they were both fantastic! Bill and Iain were extremely knowledgeable
and excellent storytellers! I must say Iain was a riot! I will
definitely book with your company again when I come back to
Scotland. Thanks! (Calgary, August 2009)

From: Danielle [mailto:deleted
Sent: 16 September 2008 00:59
To: info@highlandexperience.com
Subject: customer feedback
On August 27th my husband and I took the day trip to Loch Ness and
despite the ever changing weather conditions, had a wonderful
time. Ian was a driver, tour guide, comedian, historian, and story
teller who kept us safe and entertained during our long journey
through the beautiful highlands. We would recommend this tour - and Ian
- to anyone visiting Edinburgh .

From: Møen, Gunnlaug [mailto:deleted
Sent: 21 July 2008 13:42
To: info@highlandexperience.com
Subject: Tour to Loch Ness on 02.07.08

Will just give my regards to the driver of the bus, Iain, who gave me and my
two teenagers a most entertaining and interesting tour across the Scottish
highland to Loch Ness.I learnt more of Scotland that day than I've ever
learnt at school.
The driver/guide was a unikum. He drove carefully, he gave good information
and least but not last, he was a great storyteller and, believe it;
I will definately recommed your tour and the driver/guide I met.
Yours G.Moen

From: Sarah Haykel [mailto:deleted]
Sent: 14 December 2007 16:42
To: info@highlandexperience.com
Subject: Tour Guide Ian

To Whome it May Concern~

My husband and I did a tour with Iain back in September on the 24th. We had NO idea how AMAZING the tour would be with Iain when it started, but we were in for a real surprise. His wealth of knowledge of the languages of Scotland and Ireland and how they all relate and what the words mean, the history, his stories, the music he would play to give us a taste of Scottish musicians, etc. was so masterfully done, as if he was a conductor and the trip was his symphony orchestra, really impressive! We wanted to tip him after the tour, but had spent all our remaining money on Fish & Chips near the tours end, so I thought at least letting you all know what a KICK ASS tour guide he was would help. He is a REAL pro and as a result, that tour has stuck with my husband and I as a real stand out experience from our 3 month journey around all of Europe ! I hope Iain is doing well and still giving his amazing tours to all the lucky folks that get to experience him! Please send our sincere gratitude, thanks and Aloha to Ian and let him know we think of him fondly!

Aloha and thanks again Iain!!!

Sarah & Guy Hooper

From: Miller, Scott (student) [mailto:Scott.A.MillerDeleted]
Sent: 31 October 2007 00:22
To: info@highlandexperience.com
Subject: Loch Ness Tour

I just wanted to drop a quick line about the tour I recently took with
your company. I took the Loch Ness tour on Saturday, 27 Oct, and I
must say, I really enjoyed it. Our tour guide, Ian, was very funny and
knowledgeable. He was very out going and friendly with us, too. The
tour was very nice - all the locations were great. Also, the coach we
rode on was very clean and nice.

I just wanted to share my experience with you, and let you know that I
will be recommending your company to all my friends who are traveling
to Edinburgh and Scotland from now on. Thanks for the good time!

Scott A. Miller